About Us Tezfuture (Private) Ltd


Tezfuture (Private) Ltd was started by a small group of passionate technologists with years of bleeding edge software development experience. Our mission was to create the happiest, most productive workplace on the planet, for smart software developers to build amazing software and great relationships .

Tezfuture (Private) Ltd a team that has grown rapidly to include knowledge and expertise in a variety of technologies and frameworks, and we have used these to create some of the best products out there. Despite this, each of us comes to work every day with the mission to learn new things and to make existing things better. Late nights and weekends are the norm rather than the exception. We help each other strive to make each software revision faster or better than the last. Most importantly, because we love what we do, we don’t stop until you’re satisfied. .

Tezfuture (Private) Ltd

Our Team Our team is our greatest asset. Many of us have worked with each other over decades and across corporate boundaries resulting in a cohesive and valuable partnership.

Tezfuture (Private) Ltd

Mumtaz saleem

Chairman/Non-Executive Director


Hafiz Rana Sher Ali Ibrahim

Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder


Rana Sher Hussain Ali Ibrahim

Director of 3D Media & Animations / Video Production Development


Hafiz Rana Sher Hassan Ali Ibrahim

Director of Software & IT Development